About the Team

We are a Brazilian team with big dreams about the moon. We love to study, to learn more and to watch sci-fi movies to see the capacity of human imagination when creating new technologies. Since very early age all the team members were passionate about robotics and when we found out about the Moonbots, a Google Lunar XPrize challenge, we had to participate.

For the Phase Two we wil use the LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 (#31313) as the robotics platform system. That was the platform that all the team was introduced to robotics and it was our choice because we have a huge affection for it. Both members and the team captain had robotics classes at school using Mindstorms.

Phase One

What inspires our team about the Moon is: 
Testimonial from someone who has viewed our tale: 

WOW. That's my first reaction to the project that these very inspired, creative and motivated group gave me when I had a chance to know their project. From the video that they've came up with to the uncountable hours working on it, researching, building ideas on top of another and re-imagining what the moon could provide us. With a very diverse set of skills, from the Team Captain to each of the participants, they came up with a very impressive project and a mind boggling presentation. Congratulations, and may this will of creating and disrupting the way we look at ordinary things be always with you!

With kind regards,

Felipe Barreiros, creator of the Brazilian Apps Marathon (maratonadeaplicativos.com.br) that taught over 2.000 kids around the country to develop their own app.

Phase Two

Picture of the Team: 
Picture of Team’s Robot: 
Picture of Team’s Playfield: 
Picture of Team with their Robot and Playfield: 
Picture that sums up your experience with MoonBots: 
Summary video of our 2015 MoonBots STEM Outreach Project: