Wolf Corp Robotics

About the Team

The Wolf Corp. Robotics is comprised of 4 boys from 4th to 6th grade. We formed our team to compete in FLL competitions as well as participate in Moonbots contest. One of our members also participated in the 2014 Moonbots contest. Unfortunately, his team didn’t move on to the phase 2 last year. He never gave up and this year he is leading another three new members to join the 2015 Moonbots.

Our team will be practicing throughout the summer along with doing community outreach. Our next outreach event will be at Suzanne Middle School where we will meet the principal and the technology teacher and present them with FLL information. Our goal is to convince the school to form FLL teams and attend Robotics competitions. Then, on July 12 we will have a station at “Meet the Makers” at the Discovery Science Center in Orange County, CA. The attendees will have a chance to try our robots and learn about the FLL program as well as our experience with Moonbots competition. We also just got the confirmation from theColumbia Memorial Space Museum in Downey that they will have us for a Robotics presentation on September 12, 2015. Even though our schedule is packed, we are sure we can make time for one more outreach activity, should we move on for Moonbots Phase II.
If we are chosen for Phase II, we would like to attempt it with the Meccano Meccanoid G15KS.

Phase One

What inspires our team about the Moon is: 
Moon Legend Equals Scientific Fact When our team, The Wolf Corp. Robotics, decided to join the 2015 Moonbots Contest, we tried to choose between a Moon legend story and a Moon Scientific fact. We read some stories about the Moon together as well as discussing about the Moon scientific facts, and we discovered something very interesting. Most legends about the Moon can be explained by scientific fact, and we were inspired to share our discovery with people around the world. After reading many stories, The Wolf Corp. Robotics chose to analysis a folk tale from Korea called “The Fire Dog That Bites the Moon” because we can relate to the story for a couple reasons. Three of our team members have Korean ancestry and the story is about fire dogs which share the same Genus classification as Wolves. We can also visualize our team as those Fire Dogs because Wolf Corp. Robotics also never gives up on anything. Let’s begin our tale with the summary of the story. There once was a land called Gamagnara. Gamagnara was located in caverns far beneath the Earth’s surface. It was so dark that fires were always lit to keep it light. The people who tended these fires had gigantic dogs to help them carry the sticks and logs they needed to keep the fires burning. One day, the king sent the strongest and most powerful fire dog to get the most powerful light that hung over the world which was the Sun. The fire dog attempted to bite the Sun. However, he couldn’t take a bite because the Sun was so HOT❶. The dog returned without the light. The king was upset and searched for the most stubborn fire dog, a dog so stubborn that would never comeback without a light. He sent that fire dog out at night to get the Moon. The fire dog tried very hard to climb up the sky to bite the Moon. Finally, he reached to the Moon but his mouth was so small and the Moon was so cold❷. Since this fire dog was very stubborn, he managed to bite the Moon and got some pieces off❸, but it was so cold. His mouth froze shut. When his mouth thawed, the Moon pieces in his mouth also had melted. Furthermore, the Moon had grown back❹. The stubborn fire dog never gave up❺, he kept biting the pieces of the Moon off and his mouth froze again. His mouth would thaw and the Moon pieces would melt again and again day after day, month after month, year after year until now. Wolf Corp. Robotics feels that “The Fire Dog That Bites the Moon” is a good legend because it teaches us that we have to work to get what we want and have perseverance as well as showing us that the biggest and strongest doesn’t always do things best. On top of the above morals, the Wolf Corp. Robotics also analyzed the story by using scientific facts. First, the fire dog couldn’t bite the Sun because the Sun was too hot. The Sun temperature is about 27 million degrees F. Of course, no living thing can be close to the Sun. Second, the Moon temperature at night can be minus 243 degrees F. That is so cold. Third, when the dog bites the Moon and got some pieces off in the story, it explains why the Moon shows a crescent. When there is a crescent Moon, it means that we cannot see most of the portion of the Moon that is being lit by the Sun. As the Moon and Earth rotate, the amount of light from the Sun on the Moon changes position, appearing to grow and shrink every month. These positions of the moon are called phases. This is because of the rotation of the Earth, Moon, and Sun. Fourth, the Moon has grown back after all the Moon pieces in the dog mouth melted. This is when we saw the Full Moon which the Sun is facing to the Moon surface and the surface is facing the Earth. Fifth, the stubborn fire dog never gave up. Of course, the dog will never go back to the King because the Moon phase always happens because the Moon orbits the Earth once every 28 days. Credits: - The Moon Magic:Stories from Asia by Katherine Davison. - NASA/JPL Website - Diamond Bar Library
Testimonial from someone who has viewed our tale: 

"The story of The Fire Dog That Bites the Moon" was very interesting. It is a story that focuses on perseverance. The Fire Dog keeps trying to take a bite of the Moon and never gives up. This is an excellent representation of the leadership and team work of the Wolf Corp. Robotics. Interestingly, I learned about the temperature of the Sun, Moon and Moon phases through this story. Great work Wolf Corp. Robotics!"
Leslie Lopez

Phase Two

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