Turtle explorer

About the Team

We are a brand new team with brand new ideas. We have found out that together, we can create the best balance between experience and creativity. Two of us have a vast experience in the domain of Lego Robotics, each year participating to different robotics contests all around the world, with the desire to make the world a better place. This year we have all participated in the NASA space settlement contest, wining the 3rd prize.

All these combined make MoonBots: A SpaceX Challenge the perfect contest for us: a combination between robotics and space, our two main hobbies which have inspired all of us in our diverse creations and projects.
This year our main objective is to explore the space with the help of our robot.
The name of our team 'Turtle Explorer'is inspired by the fact that we have lots of things in common with the turtle animal. We are working slowly but carefully, while paying attention to all the details and motions happening. This can be compared to the way turtles walk, calculating all their movements.

Phase One

What inspires our team about the Moon is: 
Testimonial from someone who has viewed our tale: 

I am the chemistry teacher and principal of the four students and even though I was not implicated in this project, along the year they have shown great interest towards this competition. During most of the break times, you could see them discussing at a round table different approaches and ideas. I consider that through this competition they have established better relationships between themselves, improved their communication skills.
After they have finished the project, I have been asked to watch it and write my opinion. At first I was not expecting much because I knew that they were not into video editing or having speeches, even though they have participated to different competitions in the field of robotics, programming and science, such as the NASA space settlement project or RoboChallenge, Wien- Austria. I then realized that their main challenge was not having the requested ideas for the project, but the way they will expose and present it. This thought has been proven by the technique they used to show me the video. They have invited me inside the presentation room, only with the moonbots logo on the screen. After they explained me their request, this testimonial, they started the video and left the room, explaining that they do not want to influence my opinion.
The video has impressed me in many ways, beginning with the stylish introduction and the ideas proposed, especially the artificial leaf, which I have never heard of before. Being a science teacher, especially a chemistry one, I have always wondered how humans have interpreted and recreated the nature and environment with the use of science, this proving that humans are getting closer and closer to being able to recreate the human race. Through this video, they have proven to us, their teachers that we do not completely know their capabilities, showing that even if they have never worked with video editing they managed to compose a special video. I think that this only happened because of their level of teamwork, through which they have firstly given a task to each and then presented theirs on front of the team, discussing the pros and cons of the idea. After this they have separated into two smaller teams, one having the task to write the script, claiming that they are directing their own movie, while the other team was was in charge of video editing and animations.
At the end, I wanted to encourage them and proposed to present their project in front of the science classes.
At the end I have to say that I realized that even if at the beginning they were motivated by the prizes given, they shortly enjoyed the project and started to forget the stakes and worked for the experience gained through this competition, and even if they will not win or qualify to the next phase, they will still be proud of their work and will have the experience gained, even though I have seen their great wish to win, not only for the prize but for the feeling and reputation of representing their school and even country.

Phase Two

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