About the Team

We are a FIRST Tech Challenge robotics team (#9777) with a focus on women in STEM! Our members are high school students at The Palmdale Aerospace Academy in Palmdale, CA.

Our mission has two pieces: (1) we want to inspire girls to pursue careers in STEM through our creations and a look at the legacy of great women who have come before us, and (2) we want to learn as much as we can about the wide and varied career opportunities available to us in STEM fields. "We carry the torch for those who went before and pass the torch to those who come after."

Phase One

What inspires our team about the Moon is: 
Testimonial from someone who has viewed our tale: 

"What a beautiful love story of Selene and Endymion and the torch that they carried. The Torchbots video along with their team mission is an equally beautiful story of the great endeavors still to come for this team!" - Mrs. Jenkins, TPAA Human Resources

"It's awesome! Amazing. And educational. I enjoy stories from mythology; this was one I hadn't heard before and one I will definitely remember." - Mr. Torres, PE/STEM Teacher

Phase Two

Picture of the Team: 
Picture of Team’s Robot: 
Picture of Team’s Playfield: 
Picture of Team with their Robot and Playfield: 
Picture that sums up your experience with MoonBots: 
Summary video of our 2015 MoonBots STEM Outreach Project: 
Summary video of our 2015 MoonBots Social Outreach Project: