Super Treehouse Bros

About the Team

Bio: The Super Treehouse Bros are uniquely positioned to both accomplish the technical challenge of designing a lunar robot and game around the new Meccanoid system, and to take their message of optimism and lunar innovation to the kids of the world. Asa, Kyle, and Akshay have experience with MIndstorms and Arduino-based robotics, but have chosen the challenge of Meccanoid, the newcomer.

While Meccanoid isn't shipping yet, we have some MECCANO experience and look forward to pushing Meccanoid to its limits..

Asa and Kyle were 2012 MOONBOTS Finalists, with team captain Matt. As “The Penguin Men," they achieved multiple technical “firsts."

* First MOONBOTS team to use a realistic (sand-based) lunar surface.
* First MOONBOTS team (to our knowledge) to offer joystick-based remote control.
* First Mindstorms robot anywhere (to our knowledge) to offer ultrasonic steering.

They also widely demonstrated their robot, “Inspiration”, to over 100 visitors at Seattle’s Museum of Flight, and four elementary schools. Over 30 kids took a turn driving Inspiration remotely, using a joystick via wi-fi to the NXT brick.

A New Team
Now in 2015, Akshay joins us, to form Super Treehouse Bros. Akshay is brilliant, funny, and a great explainer. He enjoys Math, and volunteering. Together, Akshay, Asa, and Kyle have created student films that have won local and national awards, including at the National Film Festival for Talented Youth. All Summer they’ll be making fun outreach videos about space exploration and robots, at the Super Treehouse YouTube channel (

We are very excited about both robotics and space. Our team members had two robotics projects at this year’s state science fair. One was a pneumatic actuator, and the other was an Arduino-based testbed that tested robotic motor performance in dry ice, simulating conditions on Mars. We've also done multiple years of FLL, and custom projects.

The Meccanoid Challenge
Our team wants to take on the challenge of building a robot and game around the new Meccanoid system, even though no developer data is available yet, and even though the only sensors we know are in the kit are the positional sensors in the servo motors. We’ve signed up with the Meccanoid mailing list, and brainstormed what we could do with the kit as we know it today, and we have some experience with classic MECCANO. Our captain, Matt, is a long-time Software Engineer, and will mentor us. We want to be first to make a highly innovative Mecanoid solution on the world stage, and share it with other kids.

Phase One

What inspires our team about the Moon is: 
Testimonial from someone who has viewed our tale: 

"As a boy, I was also fascinated with our Apollo program and the ingenuity and innovation that was required to realize America’s goals. I think the Super Treehouse Bros have created a fantastic video that is a great recreation and explanation of one of the defining moments of lunar exploration. I REALLY enjoyed the use of puppets as characters….such a creative way to tell this important story and show us the importance of innovation!"

Rich Lienesch
Education Manager
The Museum of Flight

"I loved this video, which is a creative representation of the story of Apollo 13 using puppets and animation that catches the eye. It explains it in a way that makes it interesting for kids. It shows the importance of innovation. That simple solutions can make a huge impact and even save lives. No idea is too small. And everyone can make a difference."

Jasmyne Mendoza
Grade 7
Winner, Disney Big Hero 6 XPRIZE Challenge

Phase Two

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