Project Gibbous

About the Team

Project Gibbous is a team of four high school students and one college mentor from the Boston area dedicated to robotics and scientific discovery. After learning about Moonbots at the First Robotics Competition world championship, they jumped on the opportunity to prove their creativity and engineering prowess. Project Gibbous has already found their passion for robotics and hope to be able to show it to the world.

Programs such as FRC have given them the skills needed for any challenge. Members of the team have expressed interest in pursuing careers in the field of aerospace engineering, and others have shown their aptitude for amateur film making. All of these abilities will come into play during the Moonbots Challenge.
The team would prefer the VEX IQ super kit for phase two of the competition.

Phase One

What inspires our team about the Moon is: 
Testimonial from someone who has viewed our tale: 

I thought it was very interesting, the way the information was presented. It really showed how much our curiosity of the moon has helped develop our technology and really just mathematics as we know it. It's something I've always known, but the way it was showcased here how that curiosity has really just helped us evolve technologically. I thought it was really great. - Dave Schmidt Video Link

Alright. The video kind of reminded me of the importance of, you know, the mystery of the moon and the drive-the challenge for us to innovate and come up with new solutions. And, I think that that is something that’s missing today, especially with the cuts with the space program and, I think a lot of, you know, students, especially forget that that, or don’t even know that that was a thing. And, I think it’s something that missing in our society and especially in science education. - Josh Miranda Video Link

Phase Two

Picture of the Team: 
Picture of Team’s Robot: 
Picture of Team’s Playfield: 
Picture of Team with their Robot and Playfield: 
Picture that sums up your experience with MoonBots: 
Summary video of our 2015 MoonBots STEM Outreach Project: