Lunar Dragons

About the Team

Team Lunar Dragons consists of 4 enthusiastic roboteers who have a story about four lunar dragons who control aspects of the moon. The dark dragon and the ice dragon control the phases of the moon, the ocean dragon controls the tides and the green dragon controls the gravity. Join the dragons at the lunar festival as they share their stories that inspire them about the moon.

Dark Dragon - Karling Jennings is 11. She is crazy, but not rude. She is a fan of Toothless (aka Dark dragon), and orcas. In addition to loving animal science and ice skating, she also loves the dark part of the moon that controls the lights on earth at night.

Ice Dragon - Simren Parikh is 11. She really loves to ice skate. She also likes dance and science! She really likes the moon and is wondering if there is water on the moon, and if there is life on the moon.

Ocean Dragon - Annalisa D'Emilia is 10. Her favorite things to do are playing soccer (specially as goalkeeper) and surfing. She is curious and loves being creative (such as creating things out of duct tape). She loves the moon and the fact that the moon has a part in affecting the tides on earth.

Green Dragon - Leighna Kim is 9. Her hobby is to read exciting books (such as Stuart Little), build robots, and do science experiments. She practices Hapkido and takes swimming lessons. She is interested in knowing all about the gravity on the moon.

The team captain Dr. K - an aerospace engineer and the owner of Rolling Robots, a tech center for children ages 4 to 14 to learn Science, Technology, Engineering, and Robotics.

All four lunar dragons are members of Rolling Robots on Earth, where they come every week after schools to study robot building and programming.

Phase One

What inspires our team about the Moon is: 
Testimonial from someone who has viewed our tale: 

"I love the whole creative story of the dragons and how they work together! It is fantasy science fiction that teaches real science! The team members really did their research and made a fun simple lesson for others to learn in story form. It makes me want to see what the Lunar Dragons are up to next!" - Rita Sagehorn, Indio, CA

"WOW! Leighna^^ long time no see.
I hope the time we can travel to the moon will come sooner or later and that you can become a prospective astronomer.
Congratulations on your fantastic research on the Moon. Keep going for your dreams!!!!!!" ---- from your uncle in Korea.

Phase Two

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