The Lunar Candy

About the Team

This the tale of our team ...

" Once in a small town of Chachoengsao, Thailand, there are 4 young girls , whose dream is exploring the moon!
Pae (Hataichanok Panpasart) and Pech (Pornphom Lamkitja) are experienced in programing and robotics;
while May (Suchawadee Kajorndechasak) and Ploy (Phomporn Lamkitja) are interested in sciences and researches.
Although, all four members have different interests and hobbies; they come together because of the common fascination in the moon.
However, going to the moon seems to be a far-fetching concept.
Nevertheless, with the vision of the Captain (Krittapas Chanchaiworawit), going to the moon is only as impossible as in our imagination.
Thus, if we think landing on the lunar landscape is sweet and easy, sweet and easy like eating a candy it would be.
That is the origin of the name "The Lunar Candy". As long as we believe and trust in our skills and abilities, nothing is impossible to accomplish! "

Phase One

What inspires our team about the Moon is: 
Testimonial from someone who has viewed our tale: 

"I love how to told about the legend and beautiful picture. They make me understand the content easily and I like a comparison between legend and scientific principle." -- Chanakarn Sakulsampansri (College Student)

"Interesting legend. Creative use of legend as an intro to eclipses. Plus the simple animations at the beginning is super cute :)" -- Akeapot Srifa (PhD Candidate)

"I like this video. The cartoon is colorful and adorable, which shown details and determination. The story also adapted from the famous south-east asian literature as inspiration. This sparks the interests in the moon, lunar and solar eclipse, and the possibility of going to the moon to explore the space." -- Ratima Premsilp (College Student)

Phase Two

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