About the Team

We are a team of 4, including our pet mascot, Ares, a bearded dragon, who is the inspiration for our team name, "Lizards in Space." We live in Reading, MA and are very excited to put our talent to work with Moonbots!

Josh was on the MoonCrafters team for the Moonbots challenge in 2012. Josh, Jake, and Luke, were all on a FIRST Lego League team together this year and have done FLL in past years as well. All three of them have strong interests in robotics. We have been updating our progress on

Phase One

What inspires our team about the Moon is: 
Testimonial from someone who has viewed our tale: 

"Wow, I really felt like I was on the moon watching your video. It was so life like and I learned some interesting facts about the moon by watching this. Who knew that it cost 1.3 million dollars to bring a pound of supplies to the moon. I agree that 3D printing would be a much more economical way to replace broken supplies when on the moon. Thank you for posting this and sharing your visions of 3D printing on the moon."
Sarah Gilbert, 8th Grade Science Teacher at W.S. Parker Middle School

Phase Two

Picture of the Team: 
Picture of Team’s Robot: 
Picture of Team’s Playfield: 
Picture of Team with their Robot and Playfield: 
Picture that sums up your experience with MoonBots: 
Summary video of our 2015 MoonBots STEM Outreach Project: 
Summary video of our 2015 MoonBots Social Outreach Project: