About the Team

The LIFE MISSION team is a group of talented boys and girls who aim for the sky.

Our group consists of:
* Eldad (age 9) – Master of Karate, Codemonkey programmer and Chief Dreamer
* Yarin (age 11) – Chief Gaming Officer (GMO), Coder and a Robot fun
* Aya (age 17) – photographer, guitar player, video editor and what she likes best is SUSHI
* Tomi (age 13) – Piano Master, Computer Code master, and Robot programmer

We have done cool stuff with Robots before – teaching them to go through maize's , teaching them to learn about their surroundings, detect and avoid obstacles and wrote some cool algorithms to do that…

And NOW we have our most exciting mission - we aim for the moon.

Phase One

What inspires our team about the Moon is: 
Testimonial from someone who has viewed our tale: 

"The LIFE MISSON team's mission to find life inside the moon is exciting and provides inspiration to us all".

Danny Danon
Minister of Science, Technology and Space
Government of the State of Israel

" I was very impressed with the LIFE MISSION idea about searching evidence for the life on the moon.
I think there is no strong evidence for the absence of life on the moon. Maybe we can find life evidence in closed caves. Maybe we can find liquid water in the caves as signs for life"

Alex Gelman
Head of Spacecraft Command and Control