Droids Robotics

About the Team

We are a 5th year robotics team from Pittsburgh, PA, USA. We are involved in robotics-related activities all year round. As a FIRST LEGO League team, we have won numerous awards. This is our first year in MOONBOTS. We are excited to combine our interests in space with robots.

We are passionate about programming and building robots and look forward to learning about how to build robots that will work well on the Moon as well as other planets. We have programmed with LEGO MINDSTORMS robot for the past 4 years and we would like to use the EV3 for Phase 2 if we are chosen. In addition, we enjoy spreading STEAM in Pittsburgh and the world. We run numerous camps, workshops and demos all year round. We run EV3Lessons.com, a website that teaches students how to program the EV3. We have over 35 free programming lessons, plus robot designs, and other resources. In addition to English, the lessons are translated into Dutch, Portuguese, Spanish and Arabic by volunteers. The website is used by 11,000+ users in 116 countries. Robotics teams, schools and non-profits use the lessons. We are excited to share this resource with MOONBOTS teams that use the EV3. You can find more information about our team at www.droidsrobotics.org and www.ev3lessons.com. Phase 1 has given us the chance to learn about the Moon, speak to experts as well as an opportunity to be creative. We enjoyed making all the artwork for our video and combining all our preliminary research into a tale.

Phase One

What inspires our team about the Moon is: 
Testimonial from someone who has viewed our tale: 

"I am stunned by this video. It conveys science, history, creativity, inspiration, production and compelling story at the highest level. The use of caves as safe haven is enticing. The use of rover tracks to guide a trek is brilliant. These and many other ideas convey latest discoveries, history, lack of weathering, future and vision with truly original new purposes.

I am impressed by the excellence with which Droids Robotics weaves fact and future into high art, high story and high cadence. This reflects a great balance of enthusiasm, commitment and deep knowledge about the moon. Droids Robotics seemingly has it all. Droids Robotics' video of lunar future spans science, exploration, utilization and habitation. Their vision for the moon is human and robotic, inclusive of world, and is a stepping stone to worlds beyond.

This video ranks up there with the best of movie trailers. It is bold, engaging, and leaves me surging to see what comes beyond."

- Dr. William L. "Red" Whittaker, Fredkin Professor of Robotics, Director of the Field Robotics Center, Founder of the National Robotics Engineering Consortium at Carnegie Mellon University
Testimonial 2:
"This video does an excellent job illustrating the exciting possibilities that are enabled by water and shelter found on the Moon. It cleverly ties the story together into a creative dialogue about how we will interact with the Moon in the future. Well done Droids Robotics!" - John Thornton, CEO Astrobotic, Google Lunar X-Prize Team
Testimonial 3:
"The ambition of these students is inspiring. They are out to change the world. With hard work these students have the potential to build technologies that will explore the furthest reaches of the universe, mine for planetary resources, and help humans survive in space." - Wennie Tabib, Lunar Lander Vision Systems, NASA Fellowship Recipient, Carnegie Mellon University Robotics Institute Researcher

Phase Two

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