About the Team

We are students from Lauro Ikastola (Loiu, Bizkaia). We are 16 year old students in our 4th year of high school. We have taken part in the First Lego League and Zientzia Azoka, with a project based on the Spanish education system. But this is not the first time we have taken part in a competition like this.

Last year, we took part in a scientific competition called FLL (First Lego League). We classified for the National Competition in Barcelona and while there we classified to take part in the Open European Championship after winning the Innovation and Strategy prize. There we received 4 nominations for our scientific and technical projects. At The European Championship we competed against 90 teams from 40 different countries from all around the world.

In addition, we also participated in a contest organized by Elhuyar (a WebSite about Science) and we won the second prize. In another contest, in Donostia, we won the first prize.

This year we took part in the FLL again and we won the first place prize in Don Bosco’s 5th competition. Moreover, we won the first prize on Elhuyar’s “Science Festival” and we got the chance to take part in “Galciencia”, another Science Festival in Galicia. This year we won these prizes because of our Science Project about education and communication.

If we are selected we would like to use Lego Mindstorm robotics platform system.

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Phase One

What inspires our team about the Moon is: 
Testimonial from someone who has viewed our tale: 

This is the reaction of Unai Egia, a teacher who teaches the "audiovisual" and technical drawing subjects at our school. He studied Fine Arts and he have taken part in a lot of artistic projects, in other words he knows a lot about art and design.
He also works in a project called "Telelauro" (Our School’s TV Show) at our school and he teaches 14 years old students how to record and how to edit videos.


Unai: It has been amazing, very emotional with very beautiful scenes. Regarding the drafting and design it has been very clear and easy to understand, the pace of events has been very suitable and impressive. Congratulations!
You have showed changes of planes, movement, illumination...
I would like to do this with my students but of course you have 16 years haven't you?
How many hours have you spend doing this project?

Ander and Jonan: We have counted at least 20 hours.

Unai: Of course, a lot of them: the time you had spent the previous days, plus the six hours you spend yesterday, plus mounting the film and drafting all the pictures...
I like your pictures so much, where have you take them from?

Asier: We took some ideas from internet, also we copy some of them but we have invented some of them to.

Unai: It is very well done, it is very well done. We can observe more than 10 hours of work behind those 2 minutes of video easily, it is obvious that you had worked a lot!
As they say, on the movie making, one minute of shooting is equivalent to 1 hour of work.
But of course, you have done a lot of work, all the recording, the edition of the movie, drafting all the pictures, you had had to start from zero. We can appreciate there that you have worked more than 10 hours easily!
Moreover, you had made it pic by pic which is a very harsh job; it has been very beautiful, very beautiful.
Congratulations! I had enjoyed it alot, I will try to organize a project like that the following year in my classes and of course, you will be invited to my classes!

Phase Two

Picture of the Team: 
Picture of Team’s Robot: 
Picture of Team’s Playfield: 
Picture of Team with their Robot and Playfield: 
Picture that sums up your experience with MoonBots: 
Summary video of our 2015 MoonBots STEM Outreach Project: 
Summary video of our 2015 MoonBots Social Outreach Project: