We have a great selection of prizes to be won in this year's MOONBOTS Challenge!


Phase One Prizes:
The 30 teams who are voted as winners in Phase One will receive the following:

1 LEGO® MINDSTORMS® EV3 Robotics kit (one per Team) (Value 350 US Dollars)

1 VEX Robotics VEX IQ Super Kit (one per Team) (Value 300 US Dollars)

1 MECCANO Meccanoid G15 KS kit (one per Team) (Value 400 US Dollars)

1 full free license of the Virtual Robotics Toolkit from Cogmation Robotics. (Value 50 US Dollars).

Phase Two Prizes:
In Phase Two, three (3) Teams will be selected as winners of the Grand Prize. The Grand Prize is a trip worth 20,000 US Dollars, taking the each team member, the Team Captain and one (1) accompanying parent/legal guardian to Tokyo, Japan to meet with the real Google Lunar XPRIZE teams.

The Grand Prize Winner teams will also each be awarded a FIRST® LEGO® League registration. The Team Captain of each Team will receive one (1) FIRST® LEGO® League (FLL) team registration. Value of this prize may only be used for team registration and will not be paid to the team. Event fees may apply.

The Grand Prize Winner teams will be awarded a VEX Robotics Competition registration. (Value 100.00 US Dollars).

The Grand Prize Winner teams will also be awarded one (1) VEX IQ Super Kit (Value 300 US Dollars) + one (1) Competition Add On Kit (Value 100 USD) + one (1) Foundation Add On Kit (Value 80 US Dollars).

Each Grand Prize Winner team will also receive one (1) BrickPi Advanced unit from Dexter Industries. (Value 90 US Dollars).

 Japanese image used under CC licensing from Wikimedia Commons.