Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does the game cost anything?

No. Registration and participation is free.

Q: Does the Team need to travel anywhere to participate in the challenge?

No. Travel is not necessary.

Q: What are the dates of the competition?

The competition runs from 23 April 2015 until 31 August 2015.

- Registration is open from 23 April 2015 and closes 23 June 2015
- Phase One runs from 23 April and until 23 June  2015
- Phase One submission deadline is 23 June 2015 at midnight (Pacific Time Zone)

- Phase One submissions will be judged between 23 June  and 7 July 2015
- Phase One Winners announced on or around 7 July 2015

- Phase Two submission deadline is 31 August 2015 at midnight (Pacific Time Zone)

- Phase Two judging happens between 31 August  and 12 September 2015

- Phase Two Winners announced on or around August 15, 2015

Q: What is "STEM education"?


STEM is short for the fields of study: Science, Technology, Engineering and Math taught in schools. These areas and subjects are essential for space exploration, like going back to the Moon and other technological feats.

Sometimes Arts is added to the list, making it STEAM. As a MOONBOTS 2015 team you definitely have free hands to be as creative and artistic as possible when participating in the Challenge!

Q: Does a team need to belong to an official robotics club to participate in MOONBOTS 2015?


No. This is not a requirement. Teams can be made up of family members and friends with little to no experience with robotics.

Q: What is the official language of the competition?


The official language is English. If your team is having challenges meeting this requirement, please send an email to

Q: Can a Team Captain have more than one team?

Yes. However, each team member can only participate on one team.

Q: What if my team does not meet the deadline in Phase One?


Your team will not be judged and will not be considered for any prizes.

Q: What is the minimum team size? What is the maximum team size? What are the age requirements?

The minimum team size is three (3) members and the maximum is five (5) members.

The team may be composed using the following rules:

- One (1) Team Captain, who must be at least 18 years old as of the date of registration AND must be of the age of majority in his or her country of residence.

- Two to four (2-4) Team Members, who must be between the ages of 8 and 17 at the date of registration. Teams are encouraged to have their adult Team Captain serve in an advisory capacity.

Q: What needs to be submitted in Phase One?

First, you have to register your Team via this website. Then you have to submit the completed and signed Consent Forms for all Team members. You must also submit a Team Biography (one paragraph about your Team), a Team logo, a Moon Tale (see more about the Moon Tale below), a Video Testimonial (a good quote or statement from someone who have seen your Moon Tale). Registering the Team and submitting all Consent Forms for all Team Members is obligatory. The Team will not be judged unless all forms have been completed and received.

Q: How do we create a Moon Tale?

The Team is challenged to create a tale about what inspires you about the Moon. The Team can base it on a legend they have heard before or on scientific facts.

The Moon Tale can be presented in a video that is no longer than three (3) minutes OR a written story that is no longer than three (3) pages in length.

NOTE: The video should be in English, OR it must have English subtitles if English is not the language spoken in the video.

Q: What is meant by Testimonial and where do we submit it?


The Testimonial is a reaction or good quote from someone who have seen your Moon Tale. This can include the person/group’s favorite part of the video or the written story, what they liked about the creativity, what kinds of scientific or technical subjects they learned from watching the video essay, etc.

The quote must be written in the text box in your Team's profile on the MOONBOTS website. It appears right under the box for entering the link to your Video.

Q: Where does the Team submit the Video?


The Video must be submitted via YouTube ( or ( – for Chinese teams) and a link must be inserted under your Team’s profile on the MOONBOTS website.

Q: How will the team be judged in Phase One?

The Teams will be judged by the following criteria:

Registration requirements completed:

Registration and submission of all Consent Forms of all Team members.

Submission of Moon Tale.

Submission of Testimonial.

Q: How is our Team’s submission scored?


The Team’s submission is weighted this way:

Moon Tale: 75%

Testimonial: 25%

Q: When will the announcement of Phase One Winners happen?

The 30 winners of Phase One will be announced on or around 7 July 2015 on this website (, via the MOONBOTS social media.

Q: What happens in Phase Two?


If your Team is one of the 30 winners then you will receive several prizes, which you will use to participate in Phase Two.

Your Team must create a robot from a robotics kit supplied to you and set up a Lunar Landscape with various Mission Items – built out of any materials. Then you must come up with a Mission and a Game play for your robot in the Lunar Landscape.

The first step in Phase Two will be for the Team to design their Lunar Landscape around the Moon Tale they have created in Phase One. The Lunar Landscape design requirement can have labeled hand drawn scaled drawings on paper, a cartoon, or cardboard or a 3-D CAD designed scaled drawings using software of your choice.

You must create a one-page document describing the Game Play and how you imagine the point system for scoring in your Game Play should work. The Scaled Lunar Landscape Design and the Game Play one–page document must be submitted to the MOONBOTS judges before 31 August 2015.

Your Team must also demonstrate their MOONBOTS game to children and adults in their community, and teach audiences about the lunar exploration, the Google Lunar XPRIZE and how STEM education can be fun.

Your demonstration must be recorded in a video no longer than three (3) minutes long and uploaded to or before 31 August  2015.

Finally, you will agree to have a live video transmission with the MOONBOTS judges, in which you play out your robotic Mission. The live video transmissions will take place between 31 August and 12 September 2015.




Q: How do we build the Lunar Landscape?

You are required to build your own Lunar Landscape based on the Scaled Lunar Landscape Design you submitted in Phase One. The maximum dimensions for the landscape is 183 by 183 centimeters (6 by 6 feet) in footprint.

In the Lunar landscape you must place various Mission Elements, like a Landing Base for your robot and elements for your robot to visit and pick up. How you lay it out and which elements you create is nearly entirely up to you. There are a few required items specified in the Rules.

Q: How will our Team be judged in Phase Two?

Your Team will be judged on the following:

- Your Scaled Lunar Landscape Design
- Lunar Landscape and Game Design
- How well you do in the Live Game Transmission with the MOONBOTS judges

- Your STEM Outreach Video showing how you have presented MOONBOTS in public
- Photo Documentation

These items will be weighted like this:

- Scaled Lunar Landscape Design = 10%
- Lunar Landscape and Game Design = 25%
- The Robot and Live Game Mission = 30%
- STEM Outreach Video Essay = 30%
- Photo Documentation= 5%

Q: When will the Live Game Transmissions take place?

The Live Game Transmissions will happen during the days of 31 August and 12 September 2015, and will be scheduled by you and the MOONBOTS judges. As there might be several hours in time zone difference we have to agree on the best time for both parties!

Q: How long is the Live Game Transmission supposed to take?

The session can be between 15 to 30 minutes, but please plan ahead and have everything ready, so we use the time effectively!

Q: English is not our first language and we would like to present in our language – is that allowed?

Yes, absolutely. But please make sure to have an English-speaking person with you, who can translate into English and back into your language when needed.

Q: When will the Grand Prize Winners going to be announced?

The 3 Grand Prize winner teams will be announced on and via social media on or around 15 September 2015. The 3 Grand Prize winner teams will also be contacted directly via email.